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Bringing biblically-centered conversation back to your living room

Give Your Kids More Than Answers

Why do we wait for our kids to grow up before we tackle some of the harder spiritual questions? Let's be honest, it's mostly because we struggle to find the answers ourselves. What would it be like if we stopped avoiding those questions and starting inviting them...right into our own living room? What if our homes were places where our children's curiosity and exploration were fostered with the word of God, a solid spiritual framework, and truth. This doesn't have to be a pipe dream. We can start doing this right now! Let's give them more than quick answers and a bedtime Bible story. Let's start a culture of conversation around spiritual truths that continually points them to Christ and His love. 



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"As a world traveler and corporate trainer, I wish I could have had these two brilliant minds breathe-into my husband and I, while our three kids were young. We hobbled our way through answering the hard questions with our kids, which later would have a huge impact on the way my now teenage and adult kids see life. Thank you Joel and Becca for listening to God‘s calling - so others won’t have to struggle through this."


-Patty Wyatt
Consultant, Mediator, Podcast Host

It's great to know that they have the training to offer our kids solid teaching. 

-Dr. Jessica Katz-

Mom and Philosopher

Chicago, IL 

"He had a juice box with lunch today and when I put it in front of him he said without prompting, 'God is bigger than a juice box!' It’s in his head now. I love it."

"Thanks for all your amazing resources!  Such good truths!"

-Teri Elfelt-

Children/s Director

La Mirada CA

-Stephanie Franklin-


Phoenix, AZ

How Do I Get Started?



A Culture of Conversation

 Parents so often go in and out of church services only to have their faith conversations stop at the door of their car. 
Juice Box Ministries empowers parents to break this cycle of silence and equip parents to engage with their kids questions about God, faith, and philosophy.   

How Do I Start?

Step 1

Take our family assessment

Step 2

Find resources to fit your needs

Step 3

Begin a new spiritual journey with your family

Why We're Different

Joel and I are both Bible and philosophy nerds.

We met at Talbot Theological Seminary studying Philosophy of Religion and Ethics, got married, and started a family.  My (Becca's) experience is in children's ministry, while Joel's is with young adults. While kids do get a good Biblical foundation at church, we noticed that many young adults were struggling to engage cultural issues and lacked the Biblical and spiritual roots to stand firm when challenged.  We are huge cheerleaders of Bible studies, small groups, and Sunday school for our kids. Yet, we also know that while our kids are young, we as parents have a unique opportunity to give them not only a Biblical foundation, but also a spiritual grid through which to see the world around them, understand their faith, and challenge the cultural status quo.


When it comes to giving our kids answers to spiritual questions the stakes are high.  See how God can take our best efforts as parents and turn them into miraculous events in the hearts of our kids one conversation at a time! 

3 Reasons Families Struggle To Bring Faith Into Their Living Room

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